Datacenter Hard Drives

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Datacenter Hard Drives

Get top-quality Datacenter hard drives for archiving huge amounts of data. Select a Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi or Toshiba hard drive from a huge stock of archive hard drives for mining data.

Why Buy Datacenter Hard Drives?

They are primarily used for archival purposes they require bigger space and consume low power. These drives run over slow spindle speed and provide better return on investment.

The difference between a normal hard drive and a datacenter variant is that the former runs on 7200RPM whereas the latter runs on 5200 RPM Datacenter variants seek time is slow but they have high bandwidth of around 2TB to 8TB.

Multi-variants available

These hard drives include Black and Purple Hard drives by Western Digital, Constellation, Archive and Enterprise hard drives by Seagate, and, of course, there are many other manufacturers.

We at Memory4less.com have a huge stock of all kinds of datacenter hard drives manufactured by Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate and Hitachi.

Browse our collection today and buy the perfect hard drive according to your need and budget.

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