Finisar Transceiver

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Finisar Transceiver

A transceiver is a combination of transmitter and receiver.

The term applies to wireless communication devices like cellular telephones, cordless telephone sets, and transmission in optical fiber systems.

The larger the distance between routers, the more impact it will have on the network speed. Fortunately, there are ways by which the speed of the network can be increased.

Finisar Transceivers for Better Connectivity

The Finisar Transceiver allows you to boost data communication capability. These include 10GBPS Finisar full duplex module to 100 GBPS SFP module. These devices have transmitters and receivers placed on a single unit and operational at different frequencies.

Upgrade Network Connectivity

Finisar Transceiver allows you to enhance the speed of a network and get better data connectivity in home, enterprises, and data centers.

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