SLC Solid State Drives

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Considered the most premium SLC Solid State Drives in the market because of their reliability and speed, these drives are commonly used in enterprise business machines. These flash based SSDs are available with multiple interfaces such as PCIe, SATA and SAS, the fastest being the PCI express interface. SLC drives are a little costly than the Multi-Level Cell (MLC) drives because of their premium performance and enhanced reliability.

A Single Level Cell means all the data is available on a single cell. In comparison, the data is available on multiple cells in Multi-Level Cell SSDs. Information is stored densely over a given area and is therefore much cheaper to produce. The only downside is that these drives wear out quickly.

A MLC cell can read and write data around 10,000 times while an SLC cell can do so 10 times more than that. That is one major reason why organizations prefer SLC drives.

These drives are available in multiple form factors at Memory4less.com, including 1.8inch, 2.5inch, 3.5inch and mSATA.

You can get SLC drives in 64GB to 500GB capacities. Buy the SLC drives today and avail huge discounts on your purchase.

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