Network Adapters

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Network Adapters

In this high-tech world, it is imperative for the business network to be secure and managed properly.

In a network, a server (also known as the heart of a business unit) needs to be properly secured by layer three switches and routers. Moreover, cabling is equally important as it determines the data rate at which the information is passed.

Create Secure Enterprise Network

For a secure enterprise network, a couple of routers and switches are needed in order to create multiple networks. Moreover, these can vary based on the demands of the enterprise.

Let say you have one business unit and would like to create a network: the public IP coming from the ISP will be first translated to the private IP through a router and then distributed further. Here, based on your requirements, the routes can be increased if an extension is required in the near future.

However, if you require another business unit in a similar domain, both can be connected through two routers. They both will be connected to one another through a VLAN.

Get LAN and WAN Network Equipment for Office

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