Wireless Networking

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Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are the lucky break of this decade.

Imagine life without a wireless network; everyone would be chasing wires to connect to the internet and with other people. Imagine having to use wires with smartphones - you be looking for a wire whenever you go to restaurants, bars, offices, or your gym.

Wireless Networks have removed the headache (and heartache) of finding the wire.

Now you can connect to the internet from anywhere as long as wifi is available, thanks to wireless routers and networks.

Make a Home or Office Wireless Network

Wireless routers are of different kinds. They usually take in a WAN cable and distribute the signals through an antenna (2DBs to 4DBs). The range can be increased further by using various methods.

Wireless routers are usually used in homes, offices and other closed premises that define a certain boundary for its accessibility. Universities, cafes, local parks and similar places also utilize them for connectivity.

Upgrade to Wireless Routers

Linksys, DLink, and TPLink are the top companies providing wireless routers for home and office users. These routers come equipped with their own firewall for extra security. Usually, WPA and WPA2 keys are used for encryption and security.

Choose a wireless router for your business from a wide range of wireless networking equipment available on Memory4Less.com. Wireless routers need a wireless adapter, an ethernet wire (coming from an ISP, also known as WAN), and a computer system to configure the router address.

If you need any help with your Wireless networking equipment, you can always call up our experts for free advice. Get in touch right away!

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