Cisco Networking

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Cisco Networking

When buying a networking device, the first step is to understand your requirements. The network operates by connecting computer peripherals through either a switch or a router. Switches are essential for establishing an intranetwork. On the other hand, routers work on the third layer to interconnect different networks.

Even though switches and routers look similar, their functionalities are poles apart.

Cisco For Homes and; Small Businesses

Cisco routers for small businesses include a single router with up to 5 ports. The Cisco router can then be used with a switch for the extension of the port itself.

Cisco For Enterprise Companies

Cisco routers for Enterprise companies are a lot different from the routers made for SMBs. This is because there are many security parameters involved and the load difference is much bigger. More traffic is allowed to flow, more people are connected, and managing the company data is the most important task to handle.

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