Xeon Processor E3 v5 Family

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Xeon Processor E3 v5 Family

Xeon Processor E3 v5 Family, manufactured by Intel, are specifically made for high-end servers and computer applications engaged in high-performance computing (HPC). These processors can serve many purposes including data visualization, number crunching, big data analysis, game design and development, Rand;D work, and e-commerce management solutions.

Performance that Lasts

Xeon E3 family is the first of the E-series, the latest being the E7 family. Xeon E7 v3 is in the market and v4 is already on the way.

The major difference between Xeon processor E3 v5 and its previous generations is the substantial increase in its core capacity and data bus speed.

Xeon E3 processors are well-suited for server motherboards produced after 2005.

Quality Products, Exceptional Service

Dont forget to check the motherboard requirements before ordering the product.

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