2.5 Solid State Drives

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The 2.5-inch size is standard for SSD storage mediums in portable devices as well as for Hard Disk Drives. The 2.5-inch Solid State Hard Drives are used in Ultrabooks, Laptops, Notebooks and also in some Desktops depending on the compatibility of the motherboard.

The major difference between a 2.5-inch SSD (Solid State Drive) and a 2.5-Inch HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is that SSDs are more powerful and store information on a flash drive. In HDDs, the information is read from and written to a moving disk platter with the rotating disk arm. Therefore, 2.5-inch Solid State Hard Drives are faster and more reliable.

These drives come in three types: the Single-Level Cell (SLC), the Multi-Level Cell (MLC) and the Triple-Level Cell (TLC). SLCs are the most expensive of the three. Manufacturers are now focusing on eMLCs that are a combination of SLCs and MLCs but are available at the price of MLC drives. The ‘e’ in an eMLC drive stands for ‘Enterprise’ as these drives are targeted towards enterprise customers.

You can buy all these three types of drives at Memory4less.com. We have 2.5-inch solid state drives with SAS, PCI Express and SATA interfaces. SAS is the most recent interface used by modern computer systems.

Begin your search right away! In the case of a problem, please consult our Solid State drive experts.

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