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PCIe SSDs are a natural fit for server and enterprise applications. While normal SSD drives connect over SATA III connectors at a speed of 6Gbps, the PCIe SSDs offer explosive speed over 15Gbps through add-in card Solid State Drive connector.

Moreover, in comparison with SATA II SSD drives, the read and write speed of PCIe SSD drives is 1.5Gbps. Some premium PCIe SSD drives offer even more speed at 2.5 Gbps.

These add-in-card solid state drives are used by servers requiring high performance, mainly in data centers associated with large businesses and research centers.

These drives are available in Multi-level Cells (MLCs) and Enterprise Multi-level Cells (eMLCs) with capacities ranging from 128GB to 2TB. True to their performance capacity, they can turn a server into a virtual data crunching machine.

Just filter the PCI Add-in-Card SSD drives available here using the filter menu and choose a drive that suits your needs. The Plug-in Card PCI SSD drives are available in multiple capacities and offer impressive speed and performance.

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