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Always buy and install high-quality Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) Fully Buffered DIMM modules for top performance and speedy workflow.

At Memory4less.com, you can find top-quality DDR2 fully buffered memory modules for supported hardware. These drives have bus speed ranging from PC-4200 to PC-6400. They are manufactured by top brands like Crucial, Dell, HP and others and are available at incredibly nominal rates.

The difference between an SDRAM and a fully buffered DDR2 RAM module is the chip at the center of the slot that controls voltage fluctuations.

It is a known fact that data centers handle delicate data, sometimes pertaining to financial information, and, therefore, even a single second of fluctuation can cause a major system jam. In order to avoid such a situation, DDR2 ECC fully buffered memory Dimm modules are used in servers instead of SDRAM modules.

Upgrade to a fully buffered DDR2 memory module today for efficient system speed. Find the perfect match for your system here.

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