Qlogic Networking

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Qlogic Networking

Witness extreme gigabit Ethernet speed with QLogic Networking Equipment. Qlogic is the leading provider of networking and storage solutions for data centers. Now you can accelerate connectivity with next-generation cloud and web-scale data centers, reduce the cost of gigabit connectivity, and get in the league of highly resilient Ethernet connected data centers.

Buy Intelligent Qlogic Fiber Ethernet Adapters

Memory4less.com provides top-of-the-line Qlogic networking equipment for home and office needs. Now get fiber Ethernet adapters, fiber channel adapters, and ISCSI adapters for both homes and enterprises at unbeatable rates, only from Memory4Less.com. Qlogic fiber channel adapters are OEM approved, thereby providing exceptional value in the industry.

Specially designed for the most demanding servers and virtualized network environments, Qlogic Networking equipment boosts server CPU and efficiency while maximizing application performance.

Upgrade to Qlogic Fiber Channel Switches

Qlogic stackable switches can support 4GB to 8GB server storage. These switches provide a throughput of 20GBPS and deliver efficient results that you need for your daily log.

Start browsing through Memory4Less.com catalog of QLogic switches and order the one that best suit your needs.

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