TLC Solid State Drives

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High-Density Triple-Level Cell Solid State Drives (High-Density TLC SSDs) have three-bit data storing capacity on each flash memory cell. These drives are cheaper than a single-level cell (SLC) and a multi-level cell (MLC) solid state flash drive, which makes them a lucrative storage options for all kinds of users.

Each bit of a TLC SSD can store data in three states, including 000, 001 and so on. A TLC cell has the same storage capacity as that of a MLC drive; however, the cell size is much smaller. That is one reason the drive is cheaper than its sister drive, the MLC SSD.

Each cell of the drive has a voltage level which needs to be checked while the data is being written. This makes them a little slower than MLC SSDs.

Nevertheless, these drives can write data at an average of 30,000 IOPs and read data at an average of 90,000 IOPs. In comparison, an HDD drive can write data at 250 IOPs and read it at an average of 500 IOPs.

These drives were first used in iPhone smartphones by Apple. After its success, other manufacturers have also started manufacturing and marketing TLC SSDs. Now they are available from Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, Dell EMC and various other known SSD storage manufacturers. Though they are not the best solid state drives in the market, TLC SSDs have created a demand for themselves because of their low price and stable performance.

You can buy a Triple Level Cell Solid State Drive through this page. To buy a TLC SSD drive, first check your requirements and then use the side-panel menu to filter down products. Find your desired TLC SSD drive and order it online.

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