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LRDIMM (Load Reduced Dual In Line Memory Module) is especially designed as per JEDEC standard using the latest technology to manage memory bandwidth efficiencies that helps reduce CAS latency and speedup the enterprise server systems and big data centers.

At Memory4less.com, DDR4 LRDIMM Memory is available that provides the best solution for high-performance computing and networking.

What is LRDIMM Memory (Load-Reduce DIMM)?

LRDIMM is commonly used for fast data processing as it allows more than 50 percent faster data transfer rate which also improves data storage capacity. Based on Intel's guide for DDR4 memory users that shows LRDIMMs are running on higher frequency rather than RDIMMs (e.g., 2133MHz vs 1866MHz).

Furthermore, Load Reduced DIMM improves signal integrity as well, supports ECC function to detect and correct data errors and built-in thermal chips helps stop overheating and enhance the reliability of Server's RAM Memory Modules.


When it comes to DDR4 LRDIMM technology it uses distributed data buffer that helps achieve greater memory bandwidth performance especially when you prefer to have higher capacities and speed on DDR4 server RAM.

On the other hand, DDR4 RDIMM uses unbuffered data approach resulting in less bandwidth at all speeds and memory capacities.

Why upgrade with DDR4 LRDIMM Memory?

DDR4 Load Reduced DIMM memory upgrades are ideal for users who need to build Servers for small or mid-size business, particularly, when they're engaged in data-intensive tasks. The DDR4 LRDIMM RAM Modules are available in "rank" formats. A rank is the amount of DRAM chips available on a single module.

In DDR4 Load Reduced Dual In Line Memory Module upgrades, you will get Rank 2, Rank 4 and Rank 8 chips. These ranks are accessed simultaneously and share all of the command and control signals. Only the data pins of all DRAM chips are separate. DDR4 LRDIMM upgrades can be used with forward compatible motherboards.

At Memory4less.com, we offers high performance DDR4 Memory Upgrades Solution for advance computing including registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) and load-reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs) that will help to improve server performance, scalability and power efficiency for cloud applications.

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