D Link Networking

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D-Link Networking

D-Link is a renowned IT brand specializing in top-quality networking equipment including routers, switches, powerline, adapters, cable modem, accessories and much more.

The company has a large customer database and serves both the end-customers and enterprise companies.

Buy a DLink Router

Whether you need a new router for your home or you are looking to upgrade the networking equipment of your enterprise, D-Link provides different category solutions of routers for both segments.

Usually, small businesses and home companies require 5-port wireless routers that can further be extended using an 8-port switch. Enterprise companies, on the other hand, require multiple routers for connectivity between different branches.

Buy a DLink Switch

To connect multiple devices to an already established network, switches are needed. These switches can range from 8-port to 46-port variants - based on the company requirements.

D-Link provides both managed and unmanaged switches for different segments. Where unmanaged switches are targeting home and small businesses (being plug-and-play devices), managed switches are targeted towards the enterprise segment that requires advance functionalities.

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