Xeon Processor E5 Family

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Xeon Processor E5 Family

Need better processor for your servers? Processors that are faster than your current ones and can deal with more workload at a single instance?

Upgrade to Xeon Processors E5 Family and increase the enterprise output by over 75%.

Xeon processors are meticulously built to withstand extreme pressure. These high-end devices have better load management capacity, faster speed as compared with their predecessors, and come equipped with powerful ethernet gigabit ports. This allows more data to be transferred between peripheral devices.

Upgrade to Xeon E5 Processor Family

Get an upgrade for your current server to improve performance. Xeon E5 family processors architecture includes a clock speed of 2.3GHz, L3 Cache of 45MB and 18 cores. This means the server processor can run 18 processes simultaneously. Apart from this, each core has two threads that allow for better-than-ever performance control.

Witness Unbelievably Fast Speed

E5 Xeon Processors have a front side bus speed of 9.60 GT/s, which means the data bus will transfer 9.60 gigabits per second. Compared to the old generation of Xeon series, you get over 20% increase in data transfer speed.

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