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The 1.2TB hard disk drives are enterprise-graded storage units perfect for handling routine tasks such as financial transactions, email processing, data storage, and data retrieval.

Most of these 1.2TB hard disk drives have a 10,000 RPM. These drives are available with interface SAS 6.0 Gbps or 12.0 Gbps. Top 1.2TB hard drive manufacturers include EMC, HP, IBM, Seagate and a few others.

These hard drives were specifically manufactured for server computers a few years ago because of the rising demand for data centers. Today, even though high-capacity drives are already available in the market, the 1.2TB HDDs are still used in computer servers with legacy hardware.

These 1.2TB hard disk drives are ideal for increasing storage space in legacy hardware and for boosting server performance by enhancing data retrieval rate.

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Purchase a 1.2TB HDD today to witness an instant boost in system performance.

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