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We Accept PO's from Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local), Defense (Military, Air Force, Navy), Universities, Schools and Colleges.

Hard Drives

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What is a Hard Drive?

Hard Drives are designed to provide multiple benefits such as extended storage, better processing, data security that help the users to have increased storage space which in result will enhance the overall performance of the system. The data on HDD may consist of operating systems to pictures, documents, music, games, and applications are stored permanently digitally which can later be retrieved when needed.

What does a Hard Drive do?

Hard Drives are used to perform all important functions i.e., read-ups, write-ups, data processing and data storage. HDDs also consist of an I/O controller that enables the communication among other components of the PC. However, HDDs are supposedly better in terms of storage which goes up to 20TB of data storage as they can easily manage mass amounts of data and store it without affecting the performance of a PC.

Types of Hard Drives

Hard Drives come in different types, capacity sizes, form factors and connection interfaces. The most common hard drive interfaces are ATA/IDE (PATA), Serial-ATA (SATA), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). Normally hard drives are internal, but there are also external hard drives which are called portable drives that backup data on computers and expand the available space.

Internal Hard Disk Drives

Internal hard drives are connected to the motherboard and help in backing up the data and updating it. Internal Hard Disks usually have the operating system, and other software applications already installed on them. Hence, there are two ports in internal hard drives, for data and the other for power. These ports consist of advanced technologies such as (SATA) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, and (ATA) Advanced Technology Attachment interface.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives are portable drives that are connected through USB, wire connection, or wirelessly. External HDDs provide you with extended storage space in a reasonable amount. The data stored on external drives are safe and are less likely to be harmed. These devices are compatible with every device such as; Chromebooks, MacBooks, also it is reliable when it comes to coming or storing photographs or heavy videos.

Desktop Hard Drives

Desktop hard drives are essential for expanding the storage space and speeding up data processing. These can speed up the data transfer at the rate of 6GBps. The storage range for desktop hard drives may range from 40GB to 10TB. Moreover, desktop HDDs are now eco-friendly which makes them more reliable, speeds up the data processing up to 5400-7200 RPM followed by increased storage space. The Desktop HDDs are available in different brands such as IBM, HP, Western Digital, Seagate and others.

Server Hard Drives

Server Hard Drives are specifically designed for managing critical data and heavy workloads. Many features are included in server HDDs that contribute to its better functionality such as; a cooling feature which helps in cooling down the components of the CPU, followed by filtering which keeps dust and other stray particles out of the server case, it also provides physical security through the server case design. Manufacturers like Western Digital, Seagate, IBM, and HP offer a wide variety of server Hard drives available in different storage capacities and interfaces.

Laptop Hard Drives

Laptop Hard Drives help in enhancing the performance of laptops and provide additional storage ranging from 80GB to 2TB and more. Laptop Hard Drives available in different variations in interface, capacity, brands, speed, and cache. Moreover, these drives consist of SATA connectors which further enhance the speed of data transfer by 6GBps.

How to choose the best hard drive for storage

Shopping for hardware is not difficult but choosing the right hardware can be challenging, that is why it is necessary to be mindful of certain factors such as; identifying the requirement for the storage as per the requirement, rotational speed, interface, and size. If you cannot decide or are reluctant about making the right choice, you can always browse through our website for a wide variety of best hard drives or you can also contact our hard drive experts at memory4less.com to make the right choice.

Where to buy a hard drive online

You can easily buy the required hard drives at memory4less.com as it provides you with a wide variety of brands such as IBM, Seagate, EMC, and HP to choose from which offers different ranges, capacity, sizes, capacity, and prices of these HDDs as per your requirement!

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