Xeon Processor E7 v4 Family

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Improve your system’s capacity for the most demanding tasks with the latest family of Intel Xeon E7 v4 Processors. This processor makes churning data and identifying trends from business analytics a breeze. As Big Data for business analytics becomes commonplace, this Intel Xeon E7 CPU v4 processor will prove indispensable for you. The processor packs in itself 4 cores and 8 threads, allowing up to 8 tasks to run simultaneously.  

Moreover, with a bus speed of 9.6GT/s, most intensive tasks can be done with ease. This performance can be enhanced further if an SSD drive is in place for support.

The processor supports both turbo boost and hyper threading, allowing multiple processes to run in parallel, thus improving performance and decreasing run time.

On the whole, this processor family comes in a range of 2.0GHz to 3.6GHz speed and 20MB to 60MB cache size, allowing ample speed for performance.

As in Intel’s own words: The processors perform 10 times better than their rival IBM Power8 Solution, requiring half the processing power.

That said, the processors can support up to 24 terabytes (TB) of DDR LRDIMM on an eight-socket server.

The Best Intel Xeon CPU processors include hardware-enhanced security for better protection of company hardware. So if you are looking for some intense computer processing, Core Xeon processors are your best bet.

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