Hynix Memory

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Hynix Memory

Get a quick computer upgrade with Hynix RAM Memory module - the best memory module for your computer system. It offers high-performance for complex operations by managing memory effectively and controlling single-bit errors.

Data-fetching at Twice the Speed

DDR3 RAM Modules include a modern type of architecture that provides data at twice the speed of DDR2, thus making the system work faster.

The RAM Module has a 4-bit prefetch memory and a clock latency between 5 ~ 14, prefetching information at a faster speed.

Hynix DDR3 RAM Modules offer power loss protection by preventing data corruption caused by sudden power loss. The DDR3 RAM Modules consume 20% less voltage than DDR2 RAM modules and provide efficient memory management at low power.

For High-End Applications

These memory modules are especially built to work in synchronization with GPU-based high-resolution visuals for research, business, videos and gaming.

Hynix memory is easily available at Memory4less.com, compatible with all types of computer systems.

Browse through our huge catalogue and choose the one that best fits your needs. We offer exceptional customer service and free shipping on most orders.

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