Summer Savings Discount on all orders plus standard free shipping
FREE Standard Shipping Conditions  

  • FREE Standard Shipping refers to ‘ground' shipping only. Kindly allow 7-10 working days for delivery via ground shipping methods. Some heavy bulk items such as Printers, UPS, racks, etc. may not qualify for "Free Standard Shipping" or "Discounted Standard Shipping" offers. Any address changes or re-routing after a package has shipped may result in additional charges.

  • We deliver to anywhere in the world. However, this offer is ONLY valid for all continental United States of America destinations, except for the States of Hawaii and Alaska, as we cannot ship via ground shipping methods to these states. Please select the correct shipping method for the aforementioned states. Or, we can correct it for you and apply the appropriate Air charges for Alaska and Hawaii.

  • We usually employ the services of three different carriers. For you to be entitled to this offer, the choice of carrier is at the sole discretion of the seller, based on the reasonableness and efficiencies of the service provider. Hence, this offer is NOT valid for customer preference carriers.

  • We may need to divide your order into two or more shipments. You will receive a separate shipping confirmation via email for each shipment we send you. This offer is valid for multiple shipping packages.

  • This offer is conditional to additional Shipping Charges which may apply to some items because of size, weight, or special handling that is required to make sure you order reaches you safely.

  • Severe winter weather may cause widespread delivery delays to and from our warehouses this holiday season. Also, our warehouses remain close on observed holidays so that our employees spent time with their families, therefore orders will not be shipped on those days and may add to further delays this holiday season.

  • Returns

  • Qualifying product(s) for "Free Standard Shipping" or "Discounted Standard Shipping" being returned is subject to our Product Return Policy. Please review our Product Return Policy and Customer Service » Shipping and Tracking section on our website.

  • If a non-defective item(s), which qualified for "Free Standard Shipping" or "Discounted Standard Shipping", is returned to us for a refund, Memory4Less will deduct the cost of shipping from the order’s total amount.

  • If a defective item(s), which qualified for "Free Standard Shipping" or "Discounted Standard Shipping", is being returned to us, Memory4Less will provide ground shipping one way to replace the item(s). Any expedited delivery of an item(s) being replaced will be paid by the customer. However, if Memory4Less cannot find a replacement, we will refund the customer in total.

       If you have any additional question or would like us to address any of your concerns, please feel free to call us
       on our toll-free number at 1-800-821-3354 or email us at

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