Intel Core i7 Desktop Processors

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Intel 6th Generation Core i7 Desktop Processors

A faster CPU is all you need to improve the speed of your computer.

The CPU (AKA the brain of the computer system) helps process information faster while handling complex instructions. With multicores, a CPU can do twice the work in the same amount of time. Each core of the CPU works as a separate processor, which means a 4-core processor can handle at least four processes at a time.

But all processors have their limits. A 3.6GHz processor can process a specific amount of information unless its cache size and data transfer rates are also increased.

Buy Intel Core i7 6th Generation Processors

Intel Core i7 6th generation processors are the most advanced processors in the market. With 3.2GHz processing speed and 4 cores, these processors can run multiple programs at once.

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Intel Core i7 processors can also work as a small server for managing DHCP and file sharing NAS drives.

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