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Customer Service » International Customer Help Desk
We accept International Orders.
We accept International Orders.

We ship worldwide. International shipping rates vary; to determine an international shipping rate, use the shopping cart to check out with the items you want, and select the option that will notify you of shipping rates before the order is processed.  You can instead choose a maximum cost of shipping through the same order form. However for items heavier than 5 lbs we are unable to calculate it through online shipping calculator and you will be emailed the quote after we receive the order.

All international orders incur no handling fee. Any customs fees imposed by your country's customs office are your responsibility.  Unfortunately we cannot arrange for or estimate customs fees for you.  We do mark all orders as merchandise and state their actual values, and the contents of the package are described as "Hard Drive - Computer Hardware".  We cannot mark orders as gifts, but we will omit the receipt within the package if you request it when you order.

Repeat customers have the ability to order without delay.  For all other international customers - We greatly appreciate our international customers, but unfortunately the means to verify an international cardholder can sometimes be limited outside of your home country. Because of high degree of fraudulent credit cards we have received from international customers, we must reserve the right to restrict, delay or void any credit card purchases billed or shipped to foreign addresses. In order to verify credit cards we may require you to pay through our paypal account or wire transfer.

We recommend that international credit card buyers use Paypal to pay and pay us at, because we are able to verify this method of payment without delay in most areas of the world.  Customers who do not have paypal account are welcome to use American Expresss, Visa or Mastercard though these cards take up to 7 business days to verify. If you have a company with valid email address along with company domain it becomes easy for us to verify that as well. A few Amex, Visa/Mastercard accounts cannot be verified depending on the country and/or card issuer.  After we have exhausted all other verification options, we may ask an international customer to fax or email proof of identification if required or ask them to pay with wire transfer TT.