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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base
What is Chipkill Memory?
How do I setup a new hard drive?
What is Chipkill Memory?

Chipkill is IBM's trademark for a form of advanced Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) computer memory technology that protects computer memory systems from any single memory chip failure as well as multi-bit errors from any portion of a single memory chip. It performs this function by scattering the bits of an ECC word across multiple memory chips, such that the failure of any one memory chip will affect only one ECC bit. This allows memory contents to be reconstructed despite the complete failure of one chip. The equivalent system from HP is called Chipspare.

How do I setup a new hard drive?

In order for you hard drive to work you need to first do an fdisk on your hard drive. Then you must format it. After this you can load the system files and setup files for windows onto the hard drive.