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We Accept PO's from Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local), Defense (Military, Air Force, Navy), Universities, Schools and Colleges.

Laptop Motherboards

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Best Laptop Motherboards

A laptop motherboard is the house of all the components that interlink the motherboard with the processors and the other components such as GPU, memory, and RAM. You can find the best laptop motherboards in a wide variety at amazing discounts offered on brands including SuperMicro, ASUS, ASRock, Intel, ASRock, MSI, DELL, IBM, GIGABYTE, HP on memory4less.com.

What is a Laptop Motherboard?

A laptop motherboard consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) which consists of components of the laptop that contribute to enhancing the performance and productivity of the system. The components usually include GPU, Memory, CPU, HDD and interfaces. However, the outlook of laptop motherboards remains the same with additional features and extended connectivity options.

Laptop motherboards are often considered the same as desktop motherboards, but the changes in both motherboards are significant. For instance, one of the significant differences is that the laptop motherboard is comparatively smaller, and all the components are closer.

Moreover, compared to desktop boards, laptop motherboards usually do not consist of expansion slots; instead, they have expansion cards like sound cards. However, while upgrading the laptop, it is often crucial to build the laptop motherboard as per the choice, whereas it is simpler and easier where desktop motherboards are concerned.

Laptop Motherboards Form Factors

The performance of motherboards is highly dependent on their form factor. Every form factor is compatible with different processor types and possesses different functions. These form factors upgrade with the new technology. For instance, ATX form factors are one of the old types of form factors that helped the system improve its productivity. ATX also introduced a connector with 20 pins, followed by other connectors enabling air ventilation.

Similarly, Micro ATX is the advanced version of ATX, but they are economical. Micro ATX consists of a better yet improved design, and it was comparatively smaller than the standard motherboard as the number of I/O was reduced.

Moreover, another form factor with the latest technology is Mini-ITX. These motherboards were explicitly designed to fit the smaller systems, requiring less power to function. Mini ITX consists of up to 4 mounting holes followed by a single expansion slot, unlike the older version that used riser cards as expansion slots. These laptop motherboards facilitate several expansion slots, enabling unrestricted airflow between the components such as chipset, RAM, and processors.

Where To Buy Laptop Motherboards Online?

Are you looking for the correct motherboard to enhance your laptop's performance? You can find the best laptop motherboards from top brands such as SuperMicro, ASUS, ASRock, Intel, MSI, DELL, IBM, GIGABYTE , and HP. These motherboards are available in variations of chipsets and different socket types. If you are not able to find the right piece of motherboard, then do not hesitate to contact our hardware experts to get help for choosing the best laptop motherboard.

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