Western Digital Enterprise Hard Drives

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Western Digital Enterprise Hard Drives

Western Digital Enterprise hard drives aim to serve enterprise-level computer servers. These servers are primarily involved in data-intensive tasks that require huge amounts of data to be fetched on a regular basis. That is why WD enterprise hard drives have been built to endure data transfer pressure of around 550 TB of data per year.

Designed for Storage-Intensive Applications

Western Digital Enterprise Hard Drives especially provide high-level of stability for data retrieval from enterprise-level hard drives that are involved in complex computing tasks. This allows the servers in data centers to generate less heat and work more efficiently.

Optimized for mid-range NAS

These enterprise-level hard drives are built for cloud-based storage that requires high-capacity data transfer. The hard drives provide 20% more capacity in comparison with their predecessors.

Most efficient for mid-range NAS and Cloud-based Storage, these hard drives can reduce rack mount storage costs by reducing the number of enclosures and drives.

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