Western Digital Datacenter Hard Drives

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Western Digital Datacenter Hard Drive

If you need an efficient, fast and reliable storage solution for storing data, hard drives from Western Digital (WD) are your best choice.

In fact, Western Digital datacenter hard drives provide enhanced storage capacity and low power consumption in comparison with normal hard drives. This enables massive data centers to reduce their environmental footprint - they can use green hard drives built to hold more data in a unit.

Achieve more with less

The WD Hard drives are built to support enterprise-class workload of 550TB/yr. These drives are backed with 2M hours MTBF - to ensure you meet all of your bulk storage needs.

Robust Storage medium

Western Digital Datacenter hard drives act as a multi-functional storage medium for bulk data storage needs. These drives, even though they have low RPM, do not only provide 8TB of data storage (more than any other similar hard drive) but also have minimal data retrieval time due to bulk data storage.

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