Toshiba Datacenter Hard Drives

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Toshiba Datacenter Hard Drives

Hitachi Data center hard drives are used for archival purpose in data centers. These hard drives have usually low RPM in comparison with other hard drives but they have huge capacity that makes them a great storage medium.

Hitachi was recently acquired by Seagate. So, the hard drives are now sold under the Seagate brand name.

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Memory4less.com provides top quality Hitachi hard drives for better performance and reliability.

Whether your company is involved in mining huge data, big data analytics, or for any other archival need, you require top quality Hitachi datacenter hard drives.

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The datacenter hard drives run on around 5200 RPM and there seek time is slow. But in comparison with normal desktop and server hard drives they provide better bandwidth.

Browse our collection of Hitachi data center hard drives today and buy according to your need and budget.

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