SCSI (80-Pin, 68-Pin, 50-Pin) Hard Drives

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SCSI (80-Pin, 68-Pin, 50-Pin) Hard Drives

SCSI Hard Drives are an obsolete yet impressive interface storage and data management solution. These drives are not being produced anymore but are still used by enterprises that have older systems in place. They have many versions, 50-pin version being the oldest.

For enterprise needs

The 50-pin variant was known for providing speedy data-fetching functionality in smaller systems. Later, they were replaced by even faster 68- and 80-pin versions. The 80-pin SCSI Hard drives were specifically built for servers where they could be utilized in rack storages.

The SCSI hard drives used ATA/IDE interface connector. Their last version was the Ultra-320 SCSI.

They supported parallel data transmission that have now been replaced by SATA (Serial).

Hard Drive Models that are Hard to Find

At Memory4less.com, we have all types of SCSI hard drives available, even those that are off the market. If you have old machines that require PATA SCSI hard drives or if you need to use them for any other purpose, we can provide these at an amazing cost.

Just browse our collection, select the SCSI (50-, 68- or 80-pin) storage that best suits your needs and order it online.

SCSI storages are only sold by a few retailers today. At Memory4less.com, we take pride in being one of the market leaders in selling hard to find server and workstation hard drive storage components such as SCSI, ATA/IDE and Fibre Channel Hard drives.