NAS and DAS Hard Drives

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NAS and DAS Hard Drives

Data has become a critical asset for companies. Without quality data (data that is available in an organized form and is ready for retrieval), companies cannot provide the kind of service their customers desire.

Retaining Customers

Poor customer service can lead to loss of sales and subsequent team collaboration problems. Small businesses are the ones most affected by unmanaged data. Managing data on a single system not only reduces cost and is easy to operate but also helps in expanding storage at a lower cost.

Making Data Shareable and Secure

This is where Network Access Storage devices come in. These devices are used by both small and medium-sized enterprises in order to share and store data on a single medium, that too at a lower cost.

Moreover, according to an estimate, NAS drives are going to expand from 13,000 petabytes to 106,000 petabytes soon.

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