Intel Celeron Desktop Processors

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Intel Celeron Desktop Processors

Intel Celeron Desktop Processors have become non-existent in the tech community. However, this processor still shows its true power in systems that are using it.

The Celeron Desktop Processor is a power efficient quad-core system that provides bursts of 2.0-2.4GHz for processing information. Moreover, as Intel introduced hyper-threading in this 2-core processor, the administrators can run multiple programs at once. It offers improved performance thanks to the 22nm low-powered chip that consumes less energy as compared with modern multi-core processors.

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Additionally, as the Intel Celeron Dual-Core processors are light on the pocket, these processors are the first choice for experienced computer users. The Celeron Quad-Core processors are mostly used in server administration, network support, web-hosting, entertainment, powering-up of IoT devices, and other similar tasks.

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The architecture of Celeron Quad-Core Processor is named Bay Trail. These processors are built on a 22nm chip and possess a 2MB cache. The benefit of using Celeron desktop processor is that they are energy-efficient and consume just 10 watts of energy.

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