Intel Core i7 Desktop Processors

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Intel 5th Generation Core i7 Desktop Processors

Technology becomes obsolete at an alarming pace. Dual-core computers, which were once the talk of the town, have now been replaced completely by much-advanced technologies.

Even the previous generations of the Core i7 processors have fallen back in the race for speed. This could be due to the increased size and features of modern programs and applications. In order to run them properly, the newer generation of computer systems is needed.

Upgrade for Enhanced Performance

Intel Core i7 5th Generation computers have a 3.6Ghz processor and 5GT/s data transfer speed. These processors support 4 cores and 8 threads, allowing them to run more than eight processes simultaneously.

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Intel Core i7 processors can run twice the number of applications at a time as compared with previous processors. Hyper-threading, also called multi-threading, enables the processor to run multiple applications at a time.

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