Intel Core i3 Desktop Processors

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Intel 4th Generation Core i3 Desktop Processors

The days of slow processing are over. With faster Intel Core i3 Desktop Processors, you can now work efficiently at home and at work.

Whether you are watching a HD movie or playing a multiplayer game with friends, slow speed can ruin the whole experience. However, with a high-quality processor in place, you can boost the speed of your system for seamless processing.

Now watch HD graphics movies, play high-quality games and experience faster processing, only with core i3 processors from Intel.

3x Faster than 3rd Generation Processors

Intel Core i3 4th generation processors are faster than all the 3rd Generation processors based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. The 4th Generation processors utilize the Haswell Architecture, which enhances the system performance by 10 percent.

Increase Productivity Like Never Before

The Intel Core i3 4th Generation computers can run HD games smoothly, render videos efficiently and perform all imaginable tasks with remarkable agility. The 10 percent increase in power can work wonders for your system.

So unleash the power of 4th Generation Intel Core i3 processors today. Avail free consultation and free ground shipping.

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