3rd Generation i7 Extreme Processors

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Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 Extreme Mobile Processors

Extreme power for extreme gamers!

Do you know that most computer software now requires at least 2GB of RAM and almost the same kind of processing speed? And if we talk about games or business software; the computing requirements increase exponentially every year!

Intel realizes this surge in the need for better processors and introduces advanced computer processors every year for the upscaled needs of the decade.

The 3rd Generation i7 Extreme processors for Games and Heavy Software

Whether you want to run audio/video/picture editing software or programming language SDKs; you need a processor that fulfills the requirements for running these software kits effectively.

The 3rd Generation Intel i7 Extreme processor is a blend of power and endurance. They have a baseline frequency of 2.9GHz - which is enough for running multiple heavy processing programs at once.

Besides this, the Extreme core i7 third generation processors have 8MB cache, which allows users to recall closed programs back with lightning speed.

Buy Core i7 Extreme Processors to Increase your Productivity

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