Intel Core i7 Mobile Processors

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Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 Mobile Processor

The Intel 3rd generation i7 Mobile processor has a minimum base frequency of 3.0GHz. This processor supports four cores and eight threads. A single thread supports one program at a time and, therefore, the four cores can run a maximum of eight programs simultaneously.

The best thing about third generation core i7 extreme mobile processor is that it has a maximum memory transfer rate of 25.6 GBPS and supports two memory channels. It supports multithreading and turbo boost for high-powered computer performance and even has a built-in graphics card for better gameplay.

Who Should Buy 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor?

Anyone who likes to upgrade their computer speed to get the best of the latest software should buy this processor. Another best thing about this processor is that it is in the middle level i.e. third generation, which means it will still remain advanced for the upcoming years due to its base frequency and memory support (32GB).

Buy Intel 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor

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