Intel Core i7 Desktop Processors

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Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 Desktop Processors

Grasp the power of extreme processing with Intel Core i7 3rd Generation desktop processors.

Computer games are getting advanced with time. The dynamic displays, the cutting-edge technology behind the scenes, and the use of high-poly models have increased the processing power. Images, which were in 2D a decade ago, now utilize 2k pixels for a normal HD graphic.

No need for External GPU!

This mandates advanced image rendering hardware, such as Intel processors. However, not all processors come pre-equipped with a graphics card. It is the Intel Core i7 3rd Generation processor that provides 300 MHz of Graphic Processing Unit built-in with the processor.


Instead of waiting for a GPU to be shipped over to your place, just plug-and-play the Intel Core i7 3rd generation processor and press start.

Get these 3rd generation CPUs for high-quality performance, at work and at home. Manage your tasks effectively, enjoy greater speeds and maximize through-put.

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