Intel Core i3 Desktop Processors

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Intel 3rd Generation Core i3 Desktop Processors

Are you still using the second generation of computer processors? If you are reading this post, you might be!

The second generation processors were a well-respected bunch until a couple of years ago. With the advent of 3rd Generation Ivy bridge processors, the cost of processors has decreased significantly, making it affordable to all.

Get a Faster Processor, Get Intel Core i3

Already tested and reviewed, the Intel Core i3 Desktop processor can run games smoothly like NFS Rivals and Battlefield. Not only this, it can also run the Adobe CS5 suite without any hassle or delays.

The processor has been tested for multi-processing. An HD graphics game can work seamlessly on this CPU, even if a video rendering program is running in the background.

No Need for an External Graphic Card

The Ivy Bridge i3 Desktop CPU comes built-in with an Intel graphics 2500 card, allowing HD movie video playback of up to 1080p and 3D movies playback through Blu-Ray.

Apart from this, the Intel Core processor is quieter and conserves energy. With a maximum TDP of 55 watts, it guarantees lower heat emission and energy consumption.

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