2nd Generation i7 Extreme Processors

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Intel 2nd Generation Core i7 Extreme Mobile Processors

In most cases, computing speed is limited by the processor. So if you want to enhance your computing speed, you need to upgrade to a faster processor.

Primarily, a faster processor involves an enhanced cache that can take care of information flow. For unmatched performance and speed, try the Intel Core i7 mobile processors!

Witness the Beauty of Core i7 Extreme Processing Speed

Intel Core i7 2nd generation processors, considered as one of the fastest mobile processors, not only support improved speed but also allow accelerated performance.

These Core i7 Mobile processors have 8MB cache and 5GT bus speed, which allows the processor to send information at a faster rate.

Improve Productivity with Core i7 Powerful Flow

Moreover, the 2nd generation i7 Mobile processors with the LGA1155 sockets are known to cross 3.0 GHz base frequency. A majority of these processors have 4 cores and 8 threads. For starters, it means that at least 8 programs can run at a single instance.

Of course, as these processors support Turbo boost, this means the Intel Core i7 Mobile speed can be further increased to 3.9 GHz depending on the application you are running. It should be noted that Turbo Boost is automatic and will only trigger depending on the idle rate of other processing chips.

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