Intel Core i5 Desktop Processors

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Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 Desktop Processors

Is your computer too slow for your liking? Want to replace it with the latest release in the market? While not a bad idea altogether, it is definitely not too good for your pocket.

A better way to fix it is to upgrade your processor. On that note, make sure you know what type of processor will be compatible with your system.

Why upgrade to Core i5 Second Generation?

You need to evaluate your own requirements before you decide how to tackle a computing issue. For instance, a first-generation processor can be upgraded to a second-generation processor for two reasons. One, it is a viable way to increase speed. Second, you won't have to replace your motherboard to accommodate the second generation processor. This means you can save yourself from unnecessary additional costs.

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The 2nd Gen processors incorporate the Sandy bridge architecture. This means they have almost twice the speed as their predecessors. Added to that, the 2nd Gen processors come pre-equipped with a graphics card. This means you won't be needing an additional graphics processing unit, at least not in the beginning.

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