Intel Core i3 Desktop Processors

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Intel 2nd Generation Core i3 Desktop Processors

The Intel Core i3 desktop processor is the very first of the second generation processor series. The processor, being a multi-core, incorporates two cores and four threads. Apart from this, the processor is considered feature-rich due to the embedded graphics unit.

What's so great about Core i3?

The 2nd generation Intel Core i3 Processors are perfect for computer systems that are still working with the first generation processors but want to upgrade to the higher edge of the spectrum.

Supporting a memory of 16GB at max, the Core i3 processors can run heavy games and applications like the Adobe CS5 suite, facilitating HD graphics, photo and video editing, and intense workload management. Multi-processing is also an option with this one.

Data centers that rely on desktop computers can benefit from the hyper-threading functionality of these processors. With 2.1GHz base processor frequency, the Core i3 2nd Gen processor is quite a treat for anyone looking for a desktop computer that can handle a moderate workload.

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