DDR1 SoDimm

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Revitalize your old laptop with DDR1 SODIMM memory upgrades. Choose from a wide range of compatible Single Rank Memory Module DRAM chips available on our website to enhance system performance with ease.

At Memory4less.com, we help you replace DDR1 SODIMM defunct memory to upgrade its speed. This is why we have DDR1 RAM modules available in 1GB and 2GB capacities from top DDR1 RAM manufacturers including Crucial, Dell, HP, Samsung, Micron and others.

DDR1 SODIMM Memory has a data transfer rate of 200MHz to 400MHz. A few years ago, DDR1 memory upgrades were considered sufficient but now they are used for legacy computer systems that need replacements for existing DDR1 modules.

Available in both ECC and Non-ECC chips, the DDR1 SODIMM upgrades can be used for notebook and laptop computers of old models.

Get yours today, only from Memory4Less.com.

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