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Hard Disk drives are the main storage unit of a computer system. They are used in desktop and server computers because of their large form factor size. These 3.5-inch HDDs can be used with all types of motherboards including standard ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Nano ATX and Pico ATX. Normally, computer cases utilizing 3.5-inch hard disk drive include bench cases, desktop cases, mini towers, full towers and super towers.

3.5-inch Hard drives are powerful, reliable, and can support intense processing because they consume a high power of 5 watts and run over 7,200 RPM to 10,000 RPM. Because of these qualities, these hard disks are used in desktop computers, workstations and servers where the quality of performance matters more than power consumption.

In data centers where servers need to process data at high speeds, Fibre Channel 3.5-inch hard disks are used for archiving, instant file transfer, digitization and sharing.

In office and home environments, the Best Brand 3.5-inch hard disk drives are used for routine tasks as well as data-intensive workloads.
Gamers prefer 3.5-inch hard disk drives that have higher RPM so they can install heavier games and play without lag.

So whether you are looking for a 3.5-inch form factor drive for data centers, gaming, or routine tasks, browse below and pick the one that best serves your needs and order online.

The 3.5-inch hard disk drives are consumer-grade. This means they can be used in enterprises and for small businesses alike.

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